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Longboarding with the young guns of Allerød – a suburb of Copenhagen.

After a correspondence with Allerød Youth Institution, where they wanted to get the young people stimulated as a alternative to ex. computer, we decided to through a longboard event.

Quite a few people showed up during the day. Jibe Longboards had arranged demo longboards, el musica, bungee cable, drinks and two longboard experts Jens & Nicolai, delivering a super cool day for all of us.

Check out the pictures here:!/AllerodUngdomsskole?fref=ts

First time we do these kind of events with a local youth institution. For us to able to inspire the young people with a healthy and fun sport / lifestyle, in a very direct way. Giving these people the opportunity to try out what longboarding is about, are essential for us. In this way more people can go’ longboard and we can

We are already now involved in similar projects in terms of inspiring and promoting longboarding

/ Jibe Longboards

Allerød Event PHOTO