Inspired by the waves
Jibe Longboards is created by Alexander S. Bengtsen, after traveling around the world meeting new people and cultures. "One culture or lifestyle one might say tricked my mind - SURFING".

Returning to the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen, Jibe Longboards was started with experience from the beach life mixed with the big city impulses. "You can’t surf in Copenhagen, but hell yeah you can skate"!

”The surfing way, in the big city”

It came to a reality

Early 2012 Jibe Longboard was born in Copenhagen – Nørrebro. With a push by the Incubator at Copenhagen Business Academy - an entrepreneur encouraging institution, the dream was realized over the next 6 month, where Jibe Longboards came to reality, and instantly was distributed to happy customers all over the country.

Alexander S. Bengtsen was and still is the man behind the brand, "We work hard and intense to share our passion for longboarding to everybody. It might be a life changing perspective for others, as it was for me".

One year later...

Jibe Longboards has been involved in a range of national wide longboard-inspired initiatives with everything from local events, national events, magazine establishing, social media platforms, websites, PR etc. New products and many new happy customers has followed, in relation to the increased interest of longboarding in Denmark.

One year from now... "We continue to push this LIFESTYLE in Denmark and Internationally"

Foundation of our business
We believe that alternative transport devices are the future instead of gasoline driven engines. Having fun at the same time is epic.

Jibe Longboards was created in order to promote a fantastic way of moving yourself – longboarding. Whether it’s for cruising, carving, freestyle, downhill, slalom or simply transport, it’s easy: ”From A to B the wicked way”

The lifestyle
Longboarding is more than a sport. Inspired by the surfing lifestyle, longboarding takes the hanglose spirit and adventure seeking mentality to the streets. It’s about searching, finding and capturing ones own potential.

Longboarding brings people together and are open for everybody – so are Jibe Longboards.

Our input
Together with people sharing our passion for longboarding, we want to establish and develop longboarding as a sport/culture/lifestyle people can relate to and be a part of. Creating and supporting new and creative concepts and initiatives shall do this.

Delivering longboards of high quality, unique designs for reasonable prices is our product.

All our longboards are designed by young and passionate artists representing same values as we do.
These kind of collaborations are fun, supporting and very synergistic.

Longboarding is about having fun and enjoy life

Promoting this is our 1. priority

// Jibe Longboards