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In order to motivate and encourage local longboard communities and single riders, to share their experiences with other riders, we created this video competition.

Together with some sick brands (GoPro, Dakine, GLOBE, CoLoud, Cabrinha) + ASHIRT and “Dansk Longboarding Magasin”, we created Longboard Video Competition 2013, where EVERYBODY ARE WELCOME.

The danish longboard magazin which we “Jibe Longboards” represent together with ASHIRT, are key figures behind the initiative. Our goal is for each rider + the communities to connect and share knowledge with each other – through videos. It’s a perfect way to “show what you got” and inspire upcoming riders.

Prices includes: Jibe Longboards’ board, GoPro Camera, Dakine bags, Globe clothes, Cabrinha traniee kite, CoLoud Headphones and off cause some ASHIRT’s – dedicated longboard shirts.

We hope to receive a lot of input from ALL OVER.

Do it HERE:

It’s all about having FUN !

Keep Shreddin’