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Product Description

Our Bombara is a longboard with great handeling, and suited for speed. The wheelbase can be adjusted after you temper. The Gas Pedals on the side, makes it easier to press the board for slides and speed checks. The small tail enables the longboard to make pops from sidewalk etc. Going fast in urban surrondings is it’s favorite.

Bombara, refers to a large wave breaking on outer reef – Big Wave Surfing.
The designer Rips1 is a street artist from Switzerland. Jibe meet him in Hawaii on a surf journey, from where our open minds and creative approach instantly connected. SICK DUDE – check him out!

Lenght 34 2/5″
Width 9 3/5″
Wheelbase 25.5 – 26.5″
Construction Canadian maple 9ply
Concave Medium
Flex Low
Design Rips1


Cruise **
Carve ****
Freeride ****
Freestyle **
Downhill ****

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