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Our dream is to run a longboard company we find inspiring to our selves and more important, to others.

We believe that our longboard business is healthy and has a great future. The satisfaction involved in running Jibe Longboards is primarily delivered by happy customers. It’s like a drug – we can’t get enough!

After two year of success in our home country Denmark, we believe it’s time for Jibe Longboards to cross the bo(a)rder. We are still The danish Longboard Brand and with same business model as always:

“Delivering quality longboards for attractive prices”

… we’re going to enter foreign markets, because we believe in our selves, our values and in our products!

Among the changes in our company, is that we speak English.

Keep Shreddin’

// Alexander S. Bengtsen
(CEO/Chief Inspector at Jibe Longboards)