A magazine dedicated to the danish longboarders!

Jibe Longboards is engaged in the process of establish and promote "Dansk Longboarding Magasin". That's one of our ways in supporting the local longboarding community.

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“Dansk Longboarding Magasin” is a newly developed magazine, that is dedicated 100 % to the danish longboard scene.


Distributed all over the country, through surfshops, longboard- & skateshops, sports clubs, skateparks, youth institutions and other relevant channels where lifestyle associates hang out, this is a cultural magazine targeting open-minded spirits.


With a native approach "Dansk Longboarding Magasin" deliver articles from the longboard scene both national and international. The longboard magazine covers all topics relevant for the danish longboarders both for beginners and for pro's. Interviews, Guides, reports, relevant ads, Event coverings and much more are the content.


And btw. it's for FREE