Interview with Jibe-Founder on the Longboard Hub

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Our friends at the Longboard Hub made an interview with the Founder of Jibe Longboards – Alexander S. Bengtsen.   Get a personal insight on why challenges that lies in establishing a longboard brand and in specific what Alexander have done in order to succeed and strive in a though and continuously renewing industry.   Dreaming… Read more »

Trees for the Future – Sustainable Longboarding

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We are proud to present our newest cooperation, where sustainability is the keyword.   Together with the international environmental organization “Trees for the Future”, we are now giving back to the nature what we consume when having fun, we call it Sustainable Longboarding.   At vulnerable areas around the world, Jibe Longboards together with the… Read more »

Boards Towards

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  Last year a group of passionate longboarders came to us with the intention of traveling from Denmark to Garda, Italy on longboards…   Of cause we wanted to support the trip!   Now 6 month after, ish, they’ve got all their footage collected and ready to show to the world.   If you got… Read more »

DM Stoleræs & Freeride Show

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  Jibe Longboards has together with the people behind DM Stoleræs (in English: Office chair Race – It’s as weird as it sounds!) arranged to have the steepest hill in Copenhagen closed down for a hole afternoon.   This oppertunity is rare! So we’re gonna through a SICK Freeride/Downhill Show, with some of the best… Read more »

Chill Session – Dansk Longboarding Magasin LAUNCH

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  Together with a group of dedicated longboard riders from around Denmark we’ve finally finished this year’s “Dansk Longboarding Magasin”. With a great response from our the magazine from 2013, we’ve decided to make it bigger and better in 2014!   In order to celebrate the launch of our new magasize and in general celebrate… Read more »

1500 km in 26 days !

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A crew of young longboard enthusiasts’ contacted us some month ago regarding a trip they had in mind. A trip on longboard that had never taken place before in danish history. We found their project/challenge COOL as F***, and decided to support and sponsor them. The crew existed of 10 guys from all over the… Read more »

Longboard Session CPH

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Drop by for a chill longboard session in the heart of Copenhagen – 3rd of August 2013 “We” the Danish longboard company – Jibe Longboards, arrange again a gathering where danish longboarders can hang out and share our passion. EVERYBODY ARE WELCOME! We meet up at Nautic – Blegdamsvej 60, Kbh Ø and ride together… Read more »