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A crew of young longboard enthusiasts’ contacted us some month ago regarding a trip they had in mind. A trip on longboard that had never taken place before in danish history. We found their project/challenge COOL as F***, and decided to support and sponsor them.

The crew existed of 10 guys from all over the country called themselves “Longtrek Denmark”. They met each other on a sport college from where their longboard interest and friendship started. These guys were determined to travel all around Denmark on their longboards. SERIOUS!, we thought…

If this challenge would be done, they would write history. If they completed this challenge on Jibe Longboards, it would be SICK we thought. So we supplied the guys with longboards, hardware and other articles which could make their trip better and more SHRED’ish!

We are stocked that the team “LongTrek Denmark” completed the mission. And we are stocked to be a part of their adventure!

This is their story: Longtrek Denmark – 1500km in 26 days

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